Orthopedic Surgery

Bone Surgery for Pets

Orthopaedic Surgery

We provide a variety of orthopaedic procedures to help your pets get back on their feet including total hip replacement and fracture repairs in pets.

When performing fracture repairs, we use techniques that are tailored to your pet’s needs and offer fixation with external fixators, internal fixation with plate and screws (Stainless and titanium), casting and bandaging.

Bone Surgery for Pets

We frequently operate on knees to correct cranial/anterior cruciate ligament rupture. We routinely perform Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy technique (TPLO) as the more commonly used technique but also provide other extracapsular suture techniques. Some Other commonly performed orthopedic surgeries include patella luxation/ dislocation surgery, corrective bone deformity surgery and Total Hip replacements on dogs with hip dysplasia.

We also perform spinal surgeries for intervertebral disc disease and other spinal injuries that requires stabilisation such as atlantoaxial luxations, traumatic vertebral / spinal fracture, wobbler’s disease.