Our Services

At Advanced Vetcare, we truly care for the welfare and health of your pets. We operate round-the-clock so your pet will never be left alone, and we provide a comprehensive range of services to cater for any and all emergencies that may occur. Our broad scope of testing is trusted by many vets in Singapore who refer cases to us for further treatment and in-depth screening.

24 Hour Vet Emergency and Critical Care

Accidents and emergencies happen even during public holidays and after hours. Our vets and clinical assistants keep the hospital running every day so quality healthcare is always available to your pet. Find out what we can do for you.

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AVS-Approved Medical Quarantine Facility

Under AVS’s regulation, pets coming in from overseas countries must be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days. Our hospital is AVS-approved for overseas quarantine – we have treated patients and simultaneously quarantined who have flown in for surgery.

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While Advanced Vetcare is a pet clinic that is focused on helping your pets stay happy and healthy, we also strive to provide peace of mind to owners with treating common conditions and providing relevant and expert advice.

Internal Medicine

Using an evidence-based and pet-centric approach, we diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders. We treat animals of all sizes, no matter how small or large they are.

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We believe in using behavioural therapy that helps your pet overcome undesirable behaviour. Conditions such as unwanted aggression, excessive self-grooming or displays of fear can be brought under control with our vets.

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Our Diagnostic Capabilities
CT Scans

We perform CT scans to diagnose damage to organs, bones or soft tissues. These provide us or your regular vet detailed images of the internal organs of your pet.

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(Hip Dysplasia Screening)

Using the PennHIP method, we identify the risk of developing hip dysplasia in dogs and cats, allowing for early intervention to prevent the severity of the condition.

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Blood Tests

Our in-house laboratory provides us with the means to quickly test for any blood disorders, immunodeficiency viruses and organ function.

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Digital Radiography X-Ray

A full digital radiography x-ray provides a detailed examination of the bones, lungs and abdomen of your pets. With a fully digital system, we can send the soft copy and diagnosis to your usual vet so they can do a follow up.

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Ultrasounds allow us to look into your pet’s body safely and provide some information into any underlying conditions or diseases. Heart conditions, changes in abdominal organs and diagnosing cysts/tumours can be done safely and effectively.

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Endoscopy is a minimally invasive method that gives us a close look at the gastrointestinal, reproductive and respiratory systems of your pet. This can be used to diagnose several illnesses, diseases and conditions.

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