Endoscopy Our Services

An endoscopy is a minimally invasive method that is used to examine the gastrointestinal, reproductive and respiratory systems of your pet. It makes use of a small flexible tube with a camera and light to provide live video feed into your pet. This helps us to identify any abnormalities and growths that may be an indication of cancer.

Why are endoscopies recommended?

Endoscopies are used to diagnose ulcers, abscesses, internal trauma, foreign object and blockages. As such, they are effective in the following conditions:

  • Your pet is losing weight, vomiting or having diarrhoea for no apparent reason
  • Your pet is experiencing respiratory issues
  • If your pet is suspected to have cancer in the gastrointestinal tract
Do I have to prepare anything for an endoscopy?

Because endoscopies are typically used for gastrointestinal issues, it is vital that the stomach and intestinal tract be empty. This means that a fast will be required to get unobstructed vision and an accurate study. Fasting also helps to ensure that new faecal matter will not form.

Your pet will also need to be put under general anaesthesia, as it is not possible to conduct an endoscopy safely while your pet is conscious and panicking.

The safety and wellness of your pet is our highest priority, and we will closely evaluate and consider all risks when it comes to appropriate medical treatment.

How long does it take for the endoscopy results?

Endoscopies view the organs in real time, as such, conditions such as foreign object obstruction can be known immediately. However, if tissues samples are extracted, the samples will have to be studied and examined for further confirmation of cancer or other diseases.