All-encompassing vet healthcare involves having the means to treat disorders and conditions of all sorts. Using the most modern techniques, we endeavour to provide the highest quality of healthcare for your pets.

Reconstructive surgery is also part of our emergency and critical care service.

We perform surgeries for a wide range of conditions:
Brachycephalic airway disease – correction of stenotic/narrowed nostrils, soft palate resection, laryngeal collapse
Lung tumour removal or biopsy via minimally invasive thoracoscopy or open chest
Conjunctival and third eyelid flaps for corneal ulcers, entropion (inverted) eyelid surgery
Severe ear infection requiring total ear canal ablation
Relief of ureteral, bladder and urethral stones obstruction
Anal gland removal for infection or tumour
Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) and gastropexy
Subtotal colectomy in long standing constipation in cats
Gastro-Intestinal surgeries for foreign body ingestion and intestinal tumours
Gall bladder removal for gall stones (cholecystectomy)
Radical tumour removal with reconstructive skin and muscle surgery