Full Digital Radiography (DR x-ray)

When there is suspected injury or damage to the bone after trauma, a full digital radiography allows us to look at the bones, lungs and abdomen of your pets.

A digital x-ray is generally preferred over traditional x-ray due to:

  • Quicker snapshots, meaning less time for your pet to be on the x-ray bed
  • Lower dosage and exposure to radiation, minimizing risk as far as possible to your pet
  • Immediate results, so we can quickly study and take perform surgical intervention in emergencies
  • Digitized results for environmental friendliness and simple sharing in the hospital or with your primary vet

With digital x-rays, we can perform contrast studies to diagnose a variety of disorders, including:

  • Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
  • Gastrointestinal foreign bodies
  • Tumours
  • Urinary bladders disorders
  • Ureteral or urethral obstructions

Severe and specialized conditions may require different methods of screening or diagnostics such as a CT scan.