As pet owners ourselves, we’ve experienced countless years of joy in long walks and happy playtimes with our dogs and cats. When our pets age, hip joints are often subject to heavy wear and tear from high activity. To keep our pets walking longer, we perform hip replacement surgery to correct the cause of hip dysplasia, the leading cause of lameness in dogs.

What Is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a common skeletal condition where the protective cartilage around the joints of the hip bone have eroded, causing abnormal friction between the bones. This leads to inflammation and uneven walking or poor support of the body weight due to pain in the joint. Commonly noticed symptoms are an uneven gait or weakness in rear legs.

Total Hip Replacement is the only treatment that fully restores limb mobility and prevents hip dysplasia from recurring.

How Is Total Hip Replacement Carried Out?

Total Hip Replacement is a surgical procedure where the arthritic ball and socket hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic one. This is the only treatment that fully restores the range of motion and mobility while preventing hip dysplasia from recurring. This is a complex surgery that requires the vet to undergo special training.

Dr Woo performs hip replacement surgeries to help pets live pain-free lives and return to their happy, active selves. Hip replacements can be performed on both dogs and cats, and is equally effective for both large and small breeds.

We understand how important our furry companions are. They’re more than just pets, they’re family.

If you suspect that your pet is exhibiting signs of spinal injury, we highly recommend that you give us a call so that we can advise you accordingly

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What Should I Expect After The Procedure?

Most pets are able to start using their operated limb on the day of the surgery itself. Activity should be monitored and limited to walks and vigorous activity must be avoided. You should expect full levels of activity and mobility after around 6 weeks.

For dogs under 20 weeks of age, we will most likely opt for a Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis (JPS). Find out about our procedure for JPS here.

Apart from hip replacement surgery, we are also able to treat conditions related to the ligaments, cartilage and joints. We are furnished with a complete suite of orthopaedic equipment that allows us to provide your pet with the best possible quality of healthcare. Find out about our orthopaedic procedures here.

Our Veterinary Surgeon
Dr Nicholas Woo

BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery) Consultant Vet and Surgeon

Dr Nicholas Woo is an accredited veterinary surgeon in Singapore with a special interest in oncology, spinal and hip replacement surgery. Dr Nick graduated from the University of Queensland and received additional training in Australia’s Queensland Veterinary Specialists (QVS) & Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC).

Passionate and dedicated, nothing is more important to Dr Nick than a smooth recovery for all of his patients. He understands the deep bond shared by you and your pet, and will strive to provide a customized treatment plan for the best possible outcomes.