If you are not intending to breed your pet, castration or spaying can help to reduce certain health risks in your dog or cat such as cancer and infections of the reproductive organs.

Also, this will reduce the chances of mismating, saving you money in the long run while protecting your pet from unnecessary stress and surgery.

We perform routine desexing or sterilisation for male (castration) and female (spay) dogs and cats. We also provide keyhole (laparoscopic) spays and castrations for undescended testicles (cryptorchid/retained abdominal testicle).

What makes keyhole/laparoscopic surgeries different?

Keyhole or laparoscopic spays allow for quicker recovery and a swifter return to function. The incision is much smaller and bleeding and intraoperative complications are greatly minimised as the organs are magnified many times with a scope and camera.