Computed Tomography – CT Scanner

Animal CT Imaging
Siemens Somatom 16 Slices CT Scanner

Vet CT Imaging: Computed Tomography

CT scanners are considered advanced medical equipment that is not commonly available in veterinary practices. We are pleased to be able to be one of the few Vet in Singapore to offer in-house CT scanning, which greatly improves the diagnostic accuracy for all our pets.

Vet CT Imaging


CT (Computed Tomography) Scanning is a diagnostic tool used to look at various parts of your pet’s body, such as organs, bones, muscles or other internal body parts.

CT scanning allows the vets at Advanced VetCare to see the animal’s internal anatomy in great detail, has much greater resolution than plain radiography or ultrasound, and therefore, is an important tool for diagnosing many diseases and staging cancer in pets.

Animal CT Imaging
The video depicts a post CT 3D reconstruction of the skull of a cat that was suffering from a ‘locked jaw’. The cat had severe bony adhesions on the jaw to the facial bone, preventing the jaw from opening. This scan allowed the accurate diagnosis of the disease and appropriate surgical treatment.


Are there any side effects to a CT scan?

Though it has been said that humans who have many CT scans over the course of their lives may develop an increased risk for radiation-induced cancers, repeated scans for pets such as dogs and cats are relatively rare. Also, the life span of domestic pets like dogs and cats are often not long enough to be affected in this way.

When will my pet require a CT scan?

CT scanning helps our vets look at potential conditions and diseases within complex parts of the body such as joints, nose, chest and the abdomen, which may not be detectable via conventional methods like X-rays.

Pocket pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and even reptiles like turtles can benefit from the use of CT as many diseases can be diagnosed with minimal stress. The CT can obtain images on these animal so quickly that it usually takes less than 10 mins to complete, in most cases, the patient is awake during the procedure.

Does my animal have to go through anaesthesia for CT scans?

CT scans may be performed while patients are under sedation or general anaesthesia. Therefore, prior to a scan, blood work is required to be sure the patient is healthy enough to tolerate general anaesthesia. Once under anaesthesia, patients are positioned on the scanner.