Our Facilities

Animal X-Ray Pet Bedok Vet Care Clinic Facility


Advanced VetCare provides animal ct imaging. Our facility boasts of the latest digital x-ray machine, which produces high quality diagnostic radiographs. Linked to a central computer system, it ensures detailed and fast interpretation of images, and also allows for radiographs to be easily shared with both clients, as well as offsite specialists.

Ultrasound Pet Vet Care Advanced Singapore Bedok


Our new Esaote Ultrasound machine comes equipped with three specialised transducer probes, ensuring we have the appropriate facility to conduct thorough diagnostic pet ultrasound and echocardiograms. During the ultrasound, your pet can be comfortably positioned on our specialised memory foam positioning guide to make the procedure as stress-free as possible.

Treatment Area Singapore Advanced Vet Care Simpang Bedok

Treatment Area

Our treatment area and hospital are well ventilated, equipped with hospital grade infusion pumps as well as portable anaesthetic machines. Oxygen ports are available for all three treatment tables and up to 6 cages, allowing for the hospitalisation of critical patients that require ongoing oxygen therapy.


We are fitted with full suite of orthopaedic equipment, capable of fracture repair, TPLO (Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy), Spinal surgery ,total hip replacements, and other bone surgery for pets.

Soft tissue surgery

With our state of the art surgical equipment such as our operating microscope and Ligasure vessel sealing device, we are able to perform numerous soft tissue procedures safely and efficiently.


With our endoscopy tower, we are capable of flexible and rigid endoscopy, allowing us to explore your pets internally. This also allows us to perform keyhole/ minimally invasive surgery such as thoracoscopy, cystoscopy and laparoscopy.

Surgery Suite

We have 2 clean surgery suites fully fitted that allows us to perform highly sterile bone and spinal surgeries as well as cancer surgery for pets. Fully equipped with inhalant anaesthesia units, patient monitoring system and vessel sealing devices, surgical procedures are more efficient.


Our brand new iM3 GS deluxe dental machine allows thorough dental scaling and polishing. Along with using local nerve anaesthetic, dental extractions are performed efficiently and with the patients’ comfort in mind.


At Advanced Vetcare, we are able to run many blood and urine tests on site, ensuring timely results can be received. We are well equipped with IDEXX Procyte Dx, Catalyst One, Snapshot Dx, VetStat and Coag Dx machines, permitting a wide range of in-house tests. Our laboratory also allows for fungal testing and microscopic analysis of samples.