Our Facilities

As part of our journey to be an all-encompassing hospital for your pets’ needs, we’ve equipped our practice with a wide array of human-grade instruments that are designed to enhance our quality of healthcare.

Fully Digital Surgical Environment

Our consultation rooms, operating theatre and surgical suites are completely digitized. All patient records, ongoing surgeries and upcoming treatments will be fully recorded and shared on our Intranet.

To streamline communication between the consultation area, front desk and operating theatre, a 70-inch screen in our operating theatre lists all scheduled surgeries with all necessary patient detail. This allows our nurses and surgeons to prepare patients faster and more efficiently, freeing up more time to focus on your precious pets.

Diagnostic Imaging & Analysis

Advanced Vetcare offers hospital-grade CT imaging, providing detailed and high quality fidelity for maximum accuracy. We also have an in-house xray machine. Our surgeons will use these scans to provide reliable treatment methods for your pet. All results are uploaded to our central system for simple sharing with clients or offsite specialists.

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Our Esaote ultrasound machine comes equipped with specialised transducer probes, allowing us to conduct thorough ultrasounds and echocardiograms. These procedures are considered safe and all pets are comfortably positioned on our customized memory foam guide for a stressfree experience.

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Having our own endoscopy tower allows us to perform flexible and rigid endoscopy. This means that we can perform minimally invasive or keyhole surgery for your pet, reducing risk and improving recovery time. Common surgeries are laparoscopy, thoracoscopy and cystoscopy.

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Our comprehensive equipment allows us to perform blood and urine tests on site for timely results and analysis. On top of that, our laboratory also has the capacity to perform fungal testing and microscopic analysis of samples.

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Surgical and Treatment

In order to treat most musculoskeletal conditions, we are furnished with a complete suite of orthopaedic equipment. We perform total hip replacement, spinal surgeries, fracture repairs and other forms of bone surgery.

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Soft Tissue

Soft tissue surgery is performed for many reasons. Owing to its common yet critical role in many surgeries, we have invested in top-tier equipment including an operating microscope and a Ligasure vessel sealing device for maximum safety, efficiency and recovery.

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Our iM3 GS Deluxe has the necessary capabilities to meet all our dental needs. This lets us carry out thorough scaling and polishing while keeping the procedure duration to a minimum. We perform dental extractions with local nerve anaesthesia for the best possible recovery.

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Surgery Suites

Our 2 surgery suites are also connected to our digital ecosystem, and live updates are passed on to the supporting team. They are fully equipped with inhalant anaesthesia units, patient monitoring systems and vessel sealing devices, making surgeries quicker, more efficient and safer.

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Treatment Area

The treatment area is well ventilated with three treatment tables and twenty wards for our patients. We use human-grade infusion pumps and portable anaesthetic machines. To aid in the recovery and hospitalization of critical care patients, each table and cage has its own oxygen port for oxygen support.

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