Cancer in pets may not mean a shortened lifespan or spending their golden years in pain. Advances in veterinary medicine and oncology have allowed many cancers to be diagnosed and treated very early on, providing your pet with the most promising outcomes.

Our veterinary team is committed to provide the best quality of life and using targeted, effective treatments for pets that are affected by cancer.

How is cancer in pets treated?

With a combination of chemotherapy and surgery, many cancers are curable and can be successfully managed.

Chemotherapy for pets is the same as that of in humans and can help to remove the cancer cells in the body through either a scheduled chemotherapy protocol or oral pill. It is a minimally invasive method and stress free for your pet.

Cancer surgery for pets allows for the complete removal of the cancerous tumours and can cure cancer with appropriate planning and adequate surgical margins. Cancer surgery is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Cancer patients will require regular follow-ups and observation, and we strive to make each visit enjoyable by forging a strong bond with you and your pet.